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by Dale Halaway For some, success comes easy and others it has been difficult. Some have found the success they were looking for and then proceeded to consciously (or unconsciously) sabotage it. The truth is, success is available to us all and we all deserve to have an abundance of it. It can be mastered by those who choose to live their life in alignment with Universal Law – a network of higher ground principles which point the way to a life of harmony, authenticity and simplicity. When we consciously use these higher ground principles in our life, we can transform and accomplish anything (as long as we are not imposing our will upon others.) For these are the laws that govern our personal and professional success or failure, depending on how we choose to use them. We live in a Universe of Law and Order. These are definite laws that apply to every activity in life… the unseen forces that make or break every individual and or company. An individual is positive or negative, happy or miserable, rich or poor, depending on how effectively they work with the laws of their own nature. These timeless laws are completely impersonal…
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