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by Dale Halaway For those who have chosen to live an enlightened life, connecting with their higher selves can at times be challenging. To be in alignment with their higher self means being in alignment with their soul’s purpose. There are so many who are struggling to find what it is they are to be doing with their lives, wandering from job to job or starting up business after business. Some will continue to struggle to keep a business or career going long after they have been shown that it is no longer working. Even though it may be a noble and serving business or career, the universe is trying to show them it isn’t in alignment with what they are truly to be doing anymore. There are three specific things that can block someone from realizing their soul’s purpose. The first thing is negativity. As humans, we hold on to negative energy until we have an awareness around what this energy is so that we can let it go. Learning how to release it through the body is the key. We have core negative emotions, some of which include jealousy, insecurity, guilt, resentment, fear and anger. All these emotions, when held on to,
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