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For everything we do, there is always a reason. Everything. Now sometimes we don’t know what the reason is, partly because we don’t take the time to track it back to identify what the reason might be for that action or decision we made, but there is always a reason. That is a truth. Whatever it is, there is a reason behind everything that we do. Many of us, however, are not consciously aware of this truth. We may be quick to identify the perceived reasons when we experience a victory, but we might be less likely to identify the real reasons behind the challenges and difficulties in our lives. We are all challenged to some degree. As we are moving forward with our lives, as we are evolving in our relationships with someone that we really care about, there is always going to be something around that is going to challenge us. There is no way out of this. In fact, the only way out of this is to literally go into this. This is another truth. Now, it might take you a little while to prove that truth to yourself, but that is the truth. The only way out of our stuff is
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