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Relationships Are Everything in Life

  Relationships are everything in life. Whether it’s at home or at work, our relationships, friendships and/or partnerships can strengthen us and yes, they can weaken us. They can change our lives for the better. They can also change our lives for the worst. They can disempower us or they can empower us. Some of our relationships become very dear to us, while others we keep at a distance. Some of us hang on to relationships long after their expiration date. Regardless of the type or theme of the relationship, there is always a reason for the relationship itself. And it’s up to us to uncover what that reason might be. We speak about how important our relationships are to us, and yet our actions might tell a different story. It’s interesting how people end up paying a lot more attention to their closer relationships towards the end of their lives, rather than the beginning of their lives. What would it be like if we had a daily practice where we gave more attention to our relationships in our day to day life? What kind of impact would it have on us in the latter part of our lives if
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