Monthly Archives September 2017

The Global Awakening Continues…

Dale Halaway delivers a special message about the times we are in and what is happening in the world around us. With the Virgo New Moon upon us this evening, we are strengthened to mend wounds that may be surfacing. Our personal journeys are enhanced by this moon, as Virgo is all about healing and caring for the body, mind and soul. Treat yourself with loving kindness. It is important to stay positive and to not place blame on others. This moon could influence a darker energy that may cause you to be critical or to judge others or yourself harshly. Being accountable for our choices will keep us open, and clear of creating further karma for ourselves. We are entering a time where it is important to choose Transformation as a Lifestyle. We can then help awaken the collective and move our humanity to a state of evolution and peace. This Virgo moon is asking us to make healing a priority. Take a moment to reflect upon where you are at and listen to what your body and soul may be trying to communicate to you.
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