Power of Achievement

LAS VEGAS, NV | JANUARY 20th, 2017


Create transformational momentum for moving forward in your life...


Join Dale Halaway for a half-day seminar of empowering information that will increase the productivity in your life...


This half-day seminar focuses on how to become more productive in your life... Why is that important you may ask? 

Because of the way it makes you feel about yourself when you are actually productive with your day, week and month. Studies show, that people feel better about themselves when they’re productive. Buiding a positive self image is essential to keeping our lives on a path of success. Once we embrace productivity as something that's important to us, the transformational magic of forward movement in our lives begins!

There is a direct relationship with one's ability to effectively get things done and in making money as well. High performing people get paid a lot, because of their learned ability to effectively get things done.  

In this workshop you'll learn the keys for achieving what needs to get done as a way to transform yourself, and make more money in your life. How cool is that?  

"This seminar works on the impact you have on yourself and how others could perceive you. It also works on ways to be better in touch, so you can be the best "you" you can be, and to better your accomplishments." --Jen Z  

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? 

Is the pattern of procrastination holding you back?  

Are you done with letting fear influence you and keep you stuck?  


*Bring a friend and get entered into a drawing for one of Dale's audio programs (valued at $87).

*Bring three friends and receive a FREE meditation from Dale's TransMeditation series (valued at $19.97)! 

(Guests must register prior to event, seating is limited)

Attend this half-day seminar, and you'll discover...  

*How to tap into a Greater Vision of Yourself 

*The trap of disguising 'busy'ness for being productive (if we don't uncover this trap, we'll more than likely end up at the end of our week where we were the previous week) 

*One of the most practical ways for raising your self esteem and inner confidence  


 Even though the $97.00 ticket is compimentary, it requires pre-registration. Seating is limited and we are expecting a big turnout for this special engagement. 

Everyone is required to register. It'll be first come, first serve! Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight for a life of abundance and success from Dale Halaway.  

 When you register, you will receive a ticket via email. This must be printed and presented at time of registration.  

 For more information: Call 702-983-3363 or email Mycki at mm@SageTeachingsThatInspire.com  


"I would recommend this seminar to anyone who is tired of repeating the same patterns and wants to seriously step up their professional game in a long lasting way." -- Chris H

“If you want to stay asleep and you love your comfort zone — STAY AWAY! But if you want change — real lasting change, come one time then see what it will do for you." -- David F

"It's something you owe to yourself to at least take a look at, it can change your life if you're ready! " -- Greg P

"Whatever you want in life is available, the access to get it starts with one of Dale's seminars!" -- Julee S  



Transformational Leader, Mystic and Master Teacher of the Soul

Dale Halaway has more than 30 years experience working with individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and businesses alike to dramatically improve their individual effectiveness and overall productivity. This is one of the secrets of personal and business empowerment. Dale Halaway is the creator of the highly effective TransCovery® Process and the founder of Sage Teachings That Inspire. Dale is also an author, with his new book "Being Called to Change" releasing in February 2018.

"Throughout the years of working with thousands of people I've discovered that once we get our productivity right, it naturally leads us to a more fulfilling and meaningful approach to our careers, life and/or business."

- Dale Halaway




*How you can program your Subconscious the night before to help you become more productive the following day (this is so easy to do)  

*The difference between pushing and intending (it's as different as night and day)  

*How to infuse Soul into the doing process of your activities  

*5 powerful steps to increasing your ability to GET THINGS DONE (entrepreneurs have paid Dale thousands for these 5 steps)  


Saturday, January 20th:

9:30am: Registration**

10:00am: Presentation by Dale Halaway

1:30pm-2:00pm: Mix and mingle after the event

**Registration is required. Seating is limited on a first come, first serve basis. 

Seating is complimentary with pre-registration (a $97 value). 

Must print ticket and bring it with you. 

*Bring a friend and get entered into a drawing for one of Dale's audio programs (an $87 value).  

*Bring three friends and receive a FREE meditation from Dale's TransMeditation series (a $19.97 value!  

(Guests must register prior to event since seating is limited.)


Henderson, NV

Venue details will be mailed upon registration