Dale is so loving and truly can help and assist in your spiritual transformation. You will begin to uncover and heal past hurts and trauma. You achieve a better deeper understanding of yourself and others. It will uplift you, and fill you with love and joy. What an amazing gift of true soul transformation! You are going to absolutely love his classes.


If you believe there is value in knowing yourself than you will find tremendous value in Dale’s seminars. I’ve never heard of, nor experienced, another seminar like this, that combines universal teachings and learning so much about yourself, in a way that promotes so much growth in our personal lives. I personally have seen and experienced how these seminars can move our lives forward, while also helping us to feel the ease and joy in life.


Just do it… You will uncover parts of yourself you never knew. You will get way more than you can even imagine. Thank you!!!


The value of these seminars has come unmatched for me. I have had the largest breakthrough today than any other day of my life and I left the last seminar on cloud 9. I am committed to my healing and becoming the best and most powerful version of myself that I can possibly become. I thank God for Dale Halaway and his teachings.


If you are inspired to grow personally and you are someone who is on the path to discover your most authentic self, you will benefit greatly and profoundly from these workshops. If you are ready to start connecting with your higher self and gain deep insight into who you really are, come to the next seminar!


The only way to know what it feels like to get REAL change and growth is to experience it! Dale Halaway is a master teacher and his expertise in business and consciousness is what I’ve lacked for my whole life. His seminars will save you much $ and PAIN. Sign up… you’ll be glad you did!


I feel as though I have received the tools to lead me to a free and happier life.


It’s so freeing, so loving, so to-the-point. A wonderful mix of specificity and heart.


I had not realized how asleep I had gotten over the last several months. When you are going through a long season of trials in your life, it is easy to let yourself drift into sleepiness and avoidance. The seminar brought me back center again and aware of what is going on with my Ego.


I found the most valuable point to be the relation between the subconscious, conscious and Higher Self. Thank you for 4 incredible days. This was a lot of work on your part. Your life is a great service to us all. Peace and happiness.


Thank you Dale for helping me unlock the divinity within and being the hope that I had been so desperately looking for. All my gratitude and love.


I feel that what I am learning from Dale could literally save my life.


It is terrific, so many ideas that EVERYBODY should be exposed to. It’s great! I rate this seminar excellent.


I now have the tools to respond to life rather than react. I now know how to deal with my activations and eventually clear myself entirely.


I love these seminars! They have had a profound impact on the direction of my life which is changing in positive and amazing ways.


I found the most valuable point to be the Universal Law of Cause and Effect: negativity breeds negativity, happiness breeds happiness, neglect breeds sickness, nurturing breeds health, hurt people – hurt people, loving people – love people. Thank you again, these seminars are truly life changing.


What you’ll learn will have such a tremendous impact on knowing about you and the important people in your life that it will continue long after the seminar has ended.


DO IT! Worth every penny… your soul and future partner will thank you.


Sign up and show up ready for serious/deep personal growth. If you are ready for it, it’s worth every penny!


COME! You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself.


If you want to have better relationships in your life cultivate the most important one first, the relationship with yourself. Make the choice to INVEST in yourself, and attend these classes. It’ll be the best choice you’ve ever made! It will change your life in a way you might not even be able to imagine.


Hold on tight! The more you trust and open up… the more value you’ll get.


Every person walking the planet should have access to these teachings. They inspire us to look deep into our patterns, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that could be sabotaging some part of our lives and ESPECIALLY our RELATIONSHIPS.


If you are wanting change in any area of life you value, including your relationships with yourself, children, family, friends, clients, business associates you simply cannot afford to miss this! Get in class and have an experience and prove it to yourself!  BEST INVESTMENT EVER!


I have received the tools I have always wanted but never been shown, ways to clear out old patterns and behaviors and choices that no longer serve me… so I can continue to work on being the best version of myself to show up consciously for all others I am in relationship with? These classes are PRICELESS. I recommend these seminars to any and every person who wants to heal and see more peace in the world.


So much value! It always works for weeks afterwards. Dale gives you the tools and support to help excavate your inner life as a way to help improve your relationships with others.


The clarity, and knowing is profound and deep. I am truly thankful for this opportunity to have a master level mentor like Dale Halaway share so much energy equity to help transform my dreams into reality.


There is no one like Dale. No coach, teacher, counselor or psychiatrist has his depth of healing knowledge or system of healing that produces true lasting and life changing results.

-TJ B.

Dale’s seminars are life changing. The work that is done here is so deep. It effects the heart, mind, body, and soul. It has brought Love, Happiness, and Financial Freedom to my life. Thank you!


I come away from this with a positive attitude regarding dealing with my challenges, and they no longer seem so daunting to me.


‘There are things you don’t know, and there are things you don’t know you don’t know.’ To anyone who is even remotely unhappy or unfulfilled in any area of their life (which is pretty much everyone), or who has a sense there might be something more to them than they are now consciously aware of, I highly suggest attending one of Dale’s seminars. Dale is NOT a ‘motivational teacher.’ He is a highly effective internal transformational teacher. He doesn’t ‘tell’ you to do anything. He only helps guide you to your true divine self that is already inside you by teaching you how to peel away everything that is not really you.


This seminar opened the door to confront my fear of failure and belief in lack.


Dale is a Master Teacher and gently guides us to know and better understand ourselves. His teachings throughout the years continues to enrich my life and everyone that I have met in his classes. It’s amazing and so empowering!


If you are ready for a better life, ATTEND. If you want healthier and deeper connected relationships, please sign up today! The process begins when you do. These seminars are so empowering and truly amazing!


The benefits are indescribable, but if you want a real way to get to your real self, your true and authentic being, and accomplish your true purpose and experience life fully, this is the way.


I went into the seminar a little skeptical, but how wrong I was. It was one of the the most profound, eye-opening experiences that I was ever part of… life changing. I never thought I would open up like I did and although I was new, I felt a sense of comradery and safeness amongst peers.


I realized how much stuff I have that is negative in my subconscious. All I have to say is WOW! Thank you so much!


You can read the words on the pamphlet but they’re just words. To understand Dale’s teachings you have to experience them for yourself. Only then can you begin to understand the significance and impact of the words.


I thought I could only progress in a confrontive seminar… wrong. I needed a gentle process so I could confront myself… gently and a lot safer.


Dale’s seminars are amazing… for anyone looking to find happiness, joy, fulfillment and even more money in their lives… come to a seminar!


This is life-changing, permanent and transformational work. The processes and insights are phenomenal!!!


If you are in a place where you feel stuck, stunted or lost, this seminar might be something to help you discover some things about yourself. It is truly better than counseling, self-help books or anything else I’ve tried to assist me to learn about myself. AND, it is simple to understand and very powerful.


I learn so much about the things that can wreak havoc in our lives & relationships and more importantly, how to be conscious of it and to clear it. I wish everyone would take Dale’s seminars—we’d have a much happier and more peaceful world!


This workshop was the most powerful by 3X, 5X, and they have all been amazing. THE INNER CHILD is the single most important key for me in healing it all. Breakthrough after Breakthrough!!! Thank you Dale for your brilliant soul and these powerful classes.


Most of us live our lives unconsciously. How would life be different if we were conscious of all our actions? ATTENDING one of Dale’s seminars is an experience that can’t be explained.


These seminars are the real deal. Dale teaches you how to make authentic and lasting changes in your life, instead of just intellectualizing the changes. I don’t know where I’d be without this knowledge of how much I’ve been controlling my world, and how to tap into my personal power, and really know and embrace every part of myself. It has changed everything for me!


If you have the chance to attend any of Dale’s seminars, go because they will change and enhance your life.


Dale’s course helps you dig deep and unearth what can be holding you back from achieving a successful life.


These teachings and the application of them through the TransCovery process has impacted my mood, my posture and my confidence. I am writing friends and clients, telling them that there is a way to find relief, and healing from the destructive influence of our needy and pushy ego. A worthwhile investment that results in REAL CHANGE!


If you feel like there’s something missing in your life, or that you sense life isn’t supposed to be this hard, come to the seminar and you will get your answer. It’ll change your life… it most certainly has changed mine!


As a new mother this seminar provided deep wisdom for me. I am now aware of how my inner child influences my style of parenting, and have the tools to better manage my energy. This is a gift! I am leaving with the value of understanding how to navigate through my emotions so that I do not project onto my child. This work is not only healing, but absolutely required to move forward in life. I am so grateful for Dale! He is an angel on this earth, guiding us back to who we truly are.


This is the truth the world of psychology is missing! It blends the body, spirituality, community, ancient truths, history, and metaphysics together in the most perfect way. This course has changed my life and my entire experience of my self and my joy daily. It will transform YOU, if you desire it.


I feel like the series of seminars are pivotal to do together. One builds on the other. TODAY in class 5 titled… how to be the REAL you in your relationships, I found some of my other discoveries from the previous classes supporting and playing into my learning for today. These classes have helped me connect with myself on a much deeper level. I am so grateful.


If you are tired of seeing negative, repetitive patterns throughout your life, come to one of Dale’s seminars to learn about what you can change about yourself!


This seminar offers ‘make sense tools’ that can create immediate change in the life of the person desirous of living in harmony, happiness and success. Of the hundreds of seminars I’ve attended, this is the one!


These seminars are wonderful and tremendously growthful, stimulating and transformational. Dale is a very loving, wise and skillful teacher.


Go! If this resonates with you, do not even consider not going. Register right away and against all odds just show up in your seat the day of the seminar, be open to what you hear and see and allow yourself to have an experience of a lifetime. It is an experiential process and you know it what you are ready.


You have presented a powerful, precise, clear picture and personal experience of knowledge and understanding of how our inner self works, so we can develop the tools needed for REAL healing and true inner peace. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I found the most valuable point to be that if you don’t deal with negative thoughts, they will deal with you.


Thanks again for all you do. You’ve helped me to give a new tradition to our family dynamics. I’ve tried for years to rescue my children and always couldn’t help – only made them mad. Finally, I have helped them to help themselves.


Dale is an amazing teacher and this is a safe environment to feel comfortable in.


I would recommend Relationship ‘N You for the spiritual healing & emotional healing in a safe environment. Also, knowing that healing myself will attract a whole different, healthy group of people.


If you are a person truly committed to your own growth, empowerment and having stellar relationships in your life (including with yourself), this seminar is for you. The price is a small amount compared to the value you will receive if you are open and willing to show up!


If you want to have better relationships in your life cultivate the most important one first, the relationship with yourself. Make the choice to INVEST in yourself, and attend these classes. It’ll be the best choice you’ve ever made! It will change your life in a way you might not even be able to imagine.


You will learn great tools to stop the cycles you keep repeating that stop you from getting everything you want in a relationship(s) personal, and work related.


This is pure gold. Profound in so many ways. I promise you! The tools and the process are waiting for you. Get courageous and open up. I feel more connected to my soul than I ever have!


These classes will change your life and the way you view it. We have the ability to affect the people we come in contact with just with our presence, and Dale teaches us how to do just that. If you are standing in the way of your own happiness and success, than these seminars are for you.


Only attend if you are ready to see the REAL YOU, if you are ready to let go of old beliefs and be your true self. This is a powerful course where your EGO can’t hide.


Dale Halaway is a Master Teacher. It is easy to see that he has done his own work and is sharing his lessons and insights with others. He created a safe and purposeful environment and held my interest and attention for four days. These seminars are definitely life-changing, worth your time and your money. The joy and freedom I got to experience was phenomenal!


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