This 33 minute meditation, created by Master Teacher, Dale Halaway, is a tool for letting go.

It is taken directly from from Dale’s public seminars, and has helped thousands of people achieve breakthrough after breakthrough in releasing the negative energetic shackles that had kept them from experiencing a more empowered and abundant life.

First, through raising our awareness of our limiting dynamics, then by gently guiding us through the process of releasing them, Dale’s meditations connect listeners to their own profound, deeper truths that reside within often leaving them feeling deeply moved with a life changing experience.

Many have said that the breakthroughs they’ve experienced with Dale’s meditations have changed the trajectory of their life path forever and are undeniably the most popular aspect of his seminars!

Give yourself a gift.

What might you discover about you in only 33 minutes?

As a composer, arranger and producer for more than 25 years I am constantly studying frequencies and blending them to create a harmonious sound. During the production process of Dale’s meditations I discovered something amazing and truly eye opening. Dale’s voice is very soothing but I use the term “Eye Opening” because that’s what it truly is, the “Third Eye” to be precise. 963hz is the frequency used to open the minds eye and as I composed music for his meditations I discovered that Dale’s voice naturally resonates at that particular frequency. From this I conclude that a voice which resonates at that particular frequency could only be described as a gateway to the minds eye. As a composer you make choices based on tempo and key of any particular music.

In the meditation during the TransCovery® process portion, I chose to center the key of the music at 417hz, a frequency relative or complimentary to, but not centered, the exact frequency of Dale’s voice. 417hz is the frequency used for undoing situations and facilitating change. This was a natural fit for the first Transcovery meditation. Dale naturally speaks in phrases which fit a tempo of 60bpm (beats per minute), another fascinating discovery. He is naturally speaking with the actual pulse of time as we know it.

As I played the piano behind his voice I found the music began to take the shape of a conversation. I found myself listening to his guidance and answering with music. Upon the completion of the TransCovery process® I modulated to 963hz for the Visualization portion of the meditation. With the subconscious present, this is the point in which you really shift into having a profoundly enlightened experience.


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Give yourself the gift of a breakthrough experience.

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I have personally used Dale’s transformational meditations hundreds of times and have witnessed people of all backgrounds experience life altering breakthroughs with things that had seriously strained their life, but more importantly in my own life, his meditations have helped me experience my own life altering breakthroughs that have dramatically improved the quality of my life. Sometimes the healing in these meditations is so profound, I begin to see a whole new set of possibilities for myself.